Everybody would like to be rich and famous














Everybody is attracted by money, who wouldn't dream to be rich ? Who wouldn't want to buy everything they want ? Generally rich people are famous like footballers, singers, actors, politics, etc. They are often admired by a lot of people who follow their news and know everything about their life.


I don’t agree with this following sentence : « Everybody would like to be rich and famous ». When you are famous, you can't walk around without being recognized. You can be  photographed at every moment by paparazzi. If you have children, it’s difficult to spend time with them without being disturbed by people. You simply can’t live like a « normal » person. 


Money and reputation contribute to pleasure but however you can’t have everything, for instance the love can’t be commissioned. When you are rich, you don’t really know who are your real friends. Are they always with you by friendship or only for your money ? Are you appreciated or hated by each one?

Most of the time, public who meet you, are impressed to speak with a glorious personality so they are unnatural when they speak with you. That means you seem different because of your money and your reputation. That must not be easy to live like this everyday.


In my opinion when you have a lot of money you loose your perception of things, like you can buy everything when you want, you haven’t the same pleasure than middle-class or people in a precarious situation when you buy something. Money doesn’t always buy happiness (even if it helps a lot) ! Happiness can often be found in little things, for example going to the cinema, eating in a good restaurant, hanging out with your friends, driving a car, it depends of the person.


If one day i start to be rich, i will do like Daft Punk, i will make a trick in order to not being recognized in the street !